How fashion taught me to express myself


My love for fashion that helped me through my own personal hardships.

I discovered my love for fashion in the ninth grade while getting to know myself and my personality. My outfits began to be reflections of how I felt that day and who I am. I have always been an outgoing person, and I enjoyed reflecting that outwardly. My wardrobe consisted of bright colors and tee shirts with my favorite musicians like Brittany Spears or Taylor Swift. Since then, my interests have changed and my style has developed. Being able to look back on my outfits gives me the ability to look back on who I was and how I have changed since then.

It has been incredibly healing for me to express myself through clothing. I enjoy knowing that people get a sense of who I am just by looking at what I am wearing. It is also an important creative outlet for me. Planning an outfit usually takes about 30 minutes for me, and it is often my favorite time of the day. It is a time where I get to express my own feelings and focus on myself, which I find extremely therapeutic.

One of the largest obstacles to expressing yourself through fashion is the fear of judgement from others. There is an unspoken rule that if you want to fit in, you have to dress like everyone else. I participated in this for a long time. Eventually, I learned that while there is nothing wrong with dressing like everyone else, it did not make me happy. I incorporated more and more “me” into my wardrobe. It slowly turned from resembling what I thought I was supposed to wear to what I wanted to wear. I am not free of fear of judgement, but I have found confidence in my own sense of style and my version of expressing myself.

I encourage everyone to find a creative outlet and a personal style. I learned more about myself through building my outfits than I had anywhere else. It may not be for everyone, and that is okay. However, everyone deserves their own creative outlet. Whether or not it looks like mine is not important. What is important is finding a way to be yourself in a way that makes you comfortable.