Rollin past the Royals


Ethan Pringle, reporter

With the Woodmen off to an amazing first half of the season, they look to roll past the Roncalli Royals tomorrow night.
Starting the season off with a bang, the Woodmen have came out strong and continue to improve throughout every game.

“I wouldn’t say we are doing anything differently. More of just we have had to adapt and adjust to some situations. With David getting hurt and Ty being out for two weeks, we’ve really had to trust each other lately with the ball,” senior Charlie Brooks, point guard, said.

After barely pulling out a win last year, they look to come out of the game with the same result. Unlike last year, the game this year will be at home.

“Varsity barely pulled out a win last year with some questionable calls and technicals from the refs; it was a good game overall and the atmosphere was great. Sadly, we can’t have that same experience due to Corona, but hopefully, we can get the win,” sophomore Nash Peterson, forward, said.

When the Woodmen and the Rebels clash, it is always a game to remember.

“I’m pretty anxious for this game. I feel like we always play well against Roncalli, and I know we are going to have to continue to play well if we want to win,” Brooks said.

Every team has their guy to lead the team; the Woodmen’s is senior Rasheed Elimikan.

“This season I have really been working on being more aggressive at the right time. Also, I am trying to get my teammates involved more and giving them good looks and try to get them open,” Elemikan said.

Elemikan’s leadership is noticed by his teammates who utilize his abilities on the court.

“I think we can take advantage of Rasheed inside. There aren’t many people that can guard him, so if we can get him going it’ll be along night for them. I am looking forward to playing Roncalli because they are a very solid team and one of our rivals. They have beaten a few good teams, but if we do not play like we are supposed to, they are definitely capable of beating us

Hard work seems to be the team’s recipe for success.

“I wouldn’t say we do too much different from team to team. Obviously, we do some stuff different, depending on who we play, but no matter who we play, everyone always comes to practice ready to go and practices hard,” sophomore Jackson Kidwell, guard, said.
Fans are missing seeing basketball games live.

“As a student, not being able to hang out with students from other grades in a fun setting has been disappointing because it is something I always look forward to. Basketball games are a good opportunity to socialize just as football games are, so I missed out on having that opportunity,” junior Aiden Luttrell said.

JV will play at 6 p.m., and varsity will play at 7:30 p.m. Both games will be available to see through the Woodmen Broadcasting Network. The JV will air for free without commentary on The varsity will air with commentary through WBN’s IHSAA connection at