Resources of Hope welcomes volunteers

Elijah Poe, sports editor

Resources of Hope is an organization with one goal, helping foster families and kids who need it.

“Our Founder Summer Huber started in June of 2018. We have been on the south-side since February 2019. At first, this all started in a foster parents’ garage. They had been donated clothes to distribute to other foster care families so other parents would call them and pack bags and send them out,” Executive Director Renae Furnee said.

Resources of Hope is a nonprofit that takes donations of other people. Then, foster care families come in and choose as they please to help provide for the children.

“This doesn’t only apply to Johnson County. Anyone who can get to us is able to take things. As long as people are willing to come and pick up items, we are more than happy to help,” Furnee said.

Since opening, there have been volunteers to help sort things out.

“I was looking for volunteer options, and I live in Whiteland. I told Renae that I probably have a few hours each week that I am able to help, and if you need it, I will help. You really have to have a genuine heart to do this. You have to have a good sense on wanting to give back to the ones who might be less fortunate. If you feel like you have a need to help people less fortunate, then this is a great place for you,” Ms. Martha Lennon, volunteer, said.

In years past, Greenwood Christian Church has helped Resources of Hope with a Foster Care event.

“Greenwood Christian students has partnered with Resources of Hope in two main ways. First, we have hosted a Parents Day Out twice in 2019. We named this event Recharge, and it’s an opportunity for foster families to drop their foster and biological children off at GCC for free so that the parent can have a date, run errands, or take a nap–anything that is more difficult to do when multiple children are around. Greenwood Christian life group leaders and the student volunteers planned this event so that each age group had activities appropriate for their age. The activities included games, crafts, snacks, movies, and free time. The second way we have partnered with Resources of Hope is on occasion some of our LifeGroups have spent time at the closet sorting donations that are going to foster care families,” Mr. Matt Bean, youth leader, said.

Helping the families is GCCs main goal.

“One of my favorite stories is that one family had five children (mix of foster care and biological). One of the children needed an appointment with a medical specialist. Both mom and the dad wanted to be at this appointment. Because we were able to watch their children, they were both able to go with the one that needed help and not have to pay for a babysitter. That is especially hard with some foster families because babysitters often need special training (which our staff and students have had). I was super happy that we were really able to help this family in such a special way,” Mr. Bean said.
The founders’ daughter Kat Huber also helps out.

“I like knowing that other kids are getting taken care of and getting their basic needs that they have to have. I know what it is like to go through that. Like knowing that we can give these kids toys and other things. It’s always great to see how happy they are. Like at the Hope for the Holidays party I really enjoy meeting ot other children. Things like what we are doing that can change other people’s lives,” Ms. Huber said.

Students who are looking to help are welcomed.

“We are constantly looking for help. I would love help with social media, we have a need for data entry. They can also come in and volunteer at the closet, we always need help organizing things, restocking shelves or sorting donations.
Bean elaborated.

“To students who are looking to help, find an organization in the community that works with these families and get involved. See how and where you can help. There are usually a plethora of opportunities for you to serve is you just ask. Try different areas of service to find one that fits your gifts, talents, and passions,” he said

This year Resources of Hope is hosting their second Night of Hope, which is a Masquerade Fundraising Gala, on Feb. 13, from 6-10 p.m. They will have a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, and more. It will be hosted at the Barn at the Bay Horse Inn. Resources of Hopes has tickets available on the website for those who are interested in helping out.

To help volunteer, reach out through They also have a Facebook page and an Instagram page. To contact Renae herself, contact her through [email protected]