Steak ‘n Shake reopens


Justin Waddell, reporter

On Oct 7, 2019 Steak N Shake on Smith Valley suddenly closed down. The news swept the community and drew more than 34,000 hits on the newspaper Facebook page.

But on Dec. 17, the restaurant reopened just as suddenly

Steak n Shake shift manager explained the details on how to apply for the job.

“Students can apply by visiting the Steak n Shake website,, and can fill out an application on the website, just make sure you are applying for the correct location. Steak n Shake’s wages start at $8.14 an hour,” he said.

Junior William Bright is applying for a job there.

“Steak n Shake reopening is a great opportunity for me, because I was already thinking about applying for a job, and now there is one open. I picked up an application at the restaurant, but you can also fill one out online. I am hoping to get the job because it pays well and it seems like a great place to work,” he said.

Freshman Deniz Karakus is excited about the reopening of Steak n Shake.

“I am glad it has reopened because it was one of my favorite places to go eat. I am looking forward to eating there, and I plan on eating there as soon as I have time. One of the first things I would get would probably be one of the milkshakes. They have so many options it is hard to choose,” she said.

Junior Macy Wylonis is also excited about the new reopening of one of her favorite restaurants.

“I am glad one closer to my house has reopened. My family stopped going there because it was too much of a drive compared to the other options near my house. The wait time was always a little annoying, but hopefully, it will not be as bad with Covid and make food easier to get. I will probably get a milkshake and a steak burger when I go because they are really good and one of my favorite go-to places to eat,” she said.