Winter Guard competition revs up


Madison Peckinpaugh, News Editor

As extracurricular activities stick their toes into the waters of winter competition season, the Irish Guard is cautiously gearing up for their 2021 performances.

The Color Guard practices several days a week to perfect their craft before anything unpredictable happens.

“Especially after the marching season was cancelled, we all were very worried about what the winter season would look like,” senior Madeline Cregar said. “We still are worried because it could get taken away from us at any moment so we just take it one rehearsal at a time and hope for the best.”

The pandemic continues to cancel plans left and right, so the Guard works as hard as they can for the time being.

“One of my biggest goals since I started guard has been to medal Top 3 at State Finals,” Cregar said. “We’ve been working really hard so hopefully we’ll achieve that this year. As for the pandemic, I just hope we can keep each other’s spirits up and provide a happy place for the members to get away from everything going on. We want to get through this year with as many performances as possible knowing that this season is going to look a lot different.”

As the guard moves forward with controlling what they can, they try to use obstacles to strengthen themselves.

“I feel like it’s a step forward because performing with masks may be exhausting and suffocating, but it really helps build up our stamina so that hopefully next year we’ll be better and stronger than ever before,” sophomore Gabbi Keithly said.

While hopes for next season are high, the focus for right now are the scheduled competitions and performances.

“We are competing in person in the local circuit as well as virtually in the world circuit,” Director Samantha Fairchild said. “IHSCGA shows are all local throughout Central Indiana with our State Finals being at Center Grove High School.”

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, only parents and siblings are allowed at performances unless the hosting school states otherwise.

“We are planning on doing a community performance for Greenwood Irish Guard Parents and friends near the end of the season in March,” Mrs. Fairchild said.

COVID is making publicity increasingly difficult. They have increased presence on social media in order to recruit new members.
“We have had to think out of the box when it comes to recruitment because we have never dealt with trying to do most of it virtually before,” Mrs. Fairchild said. “We have a JV guard this year full of younger, brand new members. JV provides a great opportunity to learn how the Irish Guard works and what color guard is before getting involved in the fall season. In the past, the JV and Cadet programs have been the biggest recruitment strategies.”