Prom, Graduation, Banquets in the works


Charli Graves, Culture Editor

As high school students enter the second half of the school year they remain hopeful that traditional end-of-year events will be possible this year.

The most important event for high school seniors is graduation and with the way the past year has gone it is good to hear that there is a plan to give seniors the graduation they have earned.

“Graduation will take place on May 28. It has not been determined at this time whether the ceremony will take place in the gymnasium or in Woodmen Stadium. That determination will be based on the COVID 19 at the time along with guidelines from the governor and our local health department,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, guidance director, said.
There is already a plan in place for each of the potential locations.

“The location will determine the time. If the ceremony takes place in the gymnasium, then we anticipate a 7 p.m. start time. If the ceremony takes place in Woodmen Stadium, then we expect the ceremony will be later in the evening as it was last year,” Mrs. Laug said.

Just because there is a solid plan for a graduation ceremony, the same cannot be said for Prom. Administration respects the importance of the dance for high school students, but promises cannot be made this early for a less controlled event.

“We value the Prom experience for students, so we are planning for a traditional and non-traditional Prom. This has been the norm for the majority of our events. We are planning on having Prom, but our final decision will not be made until closer to the event,” Principal Todd Garrison said.

Last but not least, each year 20 seniors earn the privilege of attending the Top 20 banquet, an event for students with the 20 highest GPA’s in their class.

“The Top 20 Banquet is an opportunity to honor the Top 20 academic seniors who have worked hard throughout their high school career in obtaining the Top 20 GPA’s for their senior class. It’s a time to celebrate their efforts, recognizing them and the teachers that they choose who has been instrumental in their time here at Greenwood as well as an opportunity for their parents to celebrate with them as well,” Mrs. Shelly Goodrich, banquet coordinator, said.

Last year, the banquet was online. As for this year, it is hopeful the event will be held in person, but that all depends on how COVID cases are closer to the event.

“We are in the planning stages for this year’s Top 20 and are moving forward with great hope that we will be able to host the banquet at The Garment Factory in Franklin on Sunday evening, May 2. Of course, most of this will be determined by how well our county is dealing with the virus and the immunization process. If it is deemed unsafe to host the banquet, we will certainly make sure that our seniors, teacher, and parents still have an opportunity to celebrate this occasion,” Mrs. Goodrich said.