Editorial: We will survive this hybrid situation

The halls seem empty.

On Nov. 5, Greenwood Schools announced that the high school and middle school would be moving to a hybrid schedule in response to Johnson County’s orange COVID-19 level.
The district had worked diligently to continue in-person learning since the delayed start of the school year in August, and this concession came only at the recommendation of the Johnson County Health Department.

When the new hybrid schedule was announced, students scrambled to figure out who would be left in their classrooms and who they would become used to seeing via Zoom. Teachers adjusted to make their lesson plans work for both virtual and in-person students or to plan multiple sets of lessons for each period. Athletes prayed for winter seasons. Seniors wondered if they were going to graduate with half of a high school career.

GHS’s faculty, staff, superintendent and School Board deserve thanks for giving its students nearly a full semester of in-person learning. Their planning has been inspiring, and we see how stressful the situation must be for them on a daily basis.

Even though the school day may seem post-apocalyptic with half the students in class, students should remember that their teachers and their peers are grateful to see them and that they should continue to do their schoolwork to the best of their abilities. Although it is uncertain how long this hybrid schedule will continue, Timberlines will continue to publish, whether it be in print or online.

We urge students to stay positive during these difficult times and think about what school still has to offer. Hey, at least finding a parking spot is no longer a nightmare.