Rivals clash

By Ethan Pringle

Ater last year’s Sectional win over Center Grove, the varsity basketball team’s rematch on 11/24 is the most anticipated game of the year.

One of the biggest challenges in the offseason is trying to replace the talent that you lost.
“Our biggest change is definitely our size and speed. Last year, we were much smaller and definitely slower. This year we are more tall, longer, and faster and we are definitely going to use that to our advantage this year,” junior Brock Kincaid said.

There is more to the team then how they play on the court, they must connect on and off it too.

“The young players need to contribute to make us a deeper and more competitive team. But the upper class boys need to help in that process as well and become better leaders,” Assistant Coach Mario Buscemi said.

One of the hardest things to do in sports is to win a title back to back years, especially after losing the seniors that helped win the first one.

“I feel like a lot of people are counting us out after losing so many guys, but we have two returning guys with a whole lot of experience and a diverse skill set and are very capable of leading us to another sectional title,” sophomore Nash Peterson said.

Some of the best feelings in sports is beating a rival and winning a title, GHS did both of those on the same night.

“It felt great to beat them, especially considering we haven’t beat them in a very long time, and we had not won a sectional title in even longer. It felt amazing to me and all of my teammates,” Kincaid said

It will be hard for the Coronavirus not to affect the team this year.

“Covid has definitely brought many challenges. But I think so far the no locker room and the bonding with our guys has definitely been a struggle. We value knowing our guys,” Coach Buscemi said.