Ups & Crowns: Homecoming 2020

By Nejatt Cheikh & Katie Duke

Everything seemed to have changed for the Class of 2021, except for the buildup to Homecoming Week.

During the community pep rally, senior Emma Brown is crowned Homecoming Queen. The king was senior Rasheed Elemikan. Gentry Appleget photo

Some students, like senior Emma Brown, took running for Homecoming Court as a fun challenge. She was pro-active in securing votes rather than sitting back and hoping classmates would choose her.

“I decided to run for Homecoming Court because I was like ‘screw it might as well what do I have to lose,” Brown said. “I asked the whole band to vote for me. I think that really helped a lot. I worked really hard by passing out 300 cookies and stickers with the help of my good friends.”

Despite attending school virtually for the semester, senior Rasheed Elemikan was surprised to find out that he has been voted onto Homecoming Court.

“I was very surprised when I got nominated because I’ve never been to a Homecoming dance,” Elemikan said. “It made me excited because we had to compete for King and Queen, and I like competing.”