Effects sports have on its athletes

Ethan Pringle, Reporter

High school sports are more than just playing in front of the fans on Friday nights and shooting a free throw with a packed house. It has a special connection to every athlete.

“They mean a lot to me. They are my way to college and have helped me make friendships and bonds that I will have the rest of my life. Unfortunately my injury has prohibited me from getting the most out of my senior football season but with the help of my teammates they make it enjoyable as possible. Without high school sports and the people i’ve met on this journey, my life would be completely different,” said senior Tanner Allen.

Being a coach means more than calling the plays, you see what sports really do to its athletes.

“I have seen sports have a really big effect on athletes, not just on the field or on the court, but in molding people for who they have become after sports and school and things like that. The lessons that you learn through sports is very parallel to how life will be once you become an adult and get older. There are going to be times where you are going to have to rebound from a tough situation, or your always going to be in competition with people for jobs, and your going to have a coach or business owner or boss that is always on you about becoming better and your going to have to take responsibility for multiply things. There will always be times where you work harder than everyone and still get overlooked until your time is called. Sports can affect people in a lot of different ways. Personally for me, sports was my way out of a tough situation. I used it for motivation to be a better husband and a better coach. “ girls basketball and football Coach Bennett said.

Cheerleaders, even though they are not out there participating, play a role on every team they cheer for.

“Being a cheerleader all four years of high school has helped me create some of my best memories. From winning sectionals last year, cheering at pep rallys, parades, and even the little kids camps it all has been so much fun. Cheering has prepared me to possibly cheer in college and I’m super thankful for the experience,” said senior Dria Riddle 

Some people have been playing the sport they love since they were little kids while others have started their senior year.

“I recommend to anyone debating on playing a sport to play it, it goes by so fast, fall in love with it and cherish it as much as you can. It has been the best four years for me,” said Allen

A big part about having a good four years of sports is having a good coach who helps you every step of the way

“The best part of coaching so many athletes is the relationships that you build and the life lessons you can teach a young man or a young woman. In my experience as a coach helping kids prepare for life situations through sports has always been the best thing that I enjoy in my years of coaching. Coaching so many athletes you get a chance , you get to see kids from so many different backgrounds with so many different beliefs. That’s always the fun part , getting to know each athlete for who they really are, not just what they are in the team setting,”said Coach Bennett.

Every athlete has a favorite game or play that they will remember long after high school.

“Beating Mt Vernon my sophomore year was great. We had to get four or five goal line stops and we did it, and my interception in the endzone against Martinsville my junior year was pretty cool too,” said Allen.