Pringle’s Barbershop

Ethan Pringle, Reporter

Old town Greenwood is a place full of small shops and businesses waiting to get recognized. 

Some people want to run a huge business in a big city, others prefer to run a small locally owned business like Pringles Barbershop.

“I have always wanted to own my own business. I was lucky enough to start my barbering career at Toms Barbershop. He taught me everything I know today and was the best way to start my career, to learn from him was a blessing. I will always thank him and his son, Jeff Davis,” Lance Pringle said.

If you’re not from Greenwood, you wouldn’t think it as a great place to live. But if you ask any local, they will tell you otherwise.

“I was born and raised in Greenwood. The community, the people, and the schools are top-notch. When you are raised in a town where you are treated so well and have seen the development of the city, there is nowhere else I would rather own a shop. I’m a graduate, fan, and a life-long supporter of the city and I’m glad to call it home,”Mr. Pringle said.

Being a barber fits his personality.

“ I grew up wanting to be a teacher and a basketball coach. That is what most my family did, and for a while it is all I wanted to do.When I was young, my grandpa used to take me to a barbershop with him, and we would both get our hair cut. Everyone talked to everyone in the barbershop, and it was like their own little family. So one of the main reasons for wanting to become a barber was the camaraderie and hanging out with people and talking about their  everyday lives. And, I guess it was my calling, I love meeting new people and building friendships with my clients. I feel blessed,” Mr. Pringle said.

People not only go to the barbershop to get haircuts, but to talk with their barber, too.

“I have been getting my haircut from Lance for years now. He is not only my barber, but a good friend. When I go to get my haircut I know I’m going to have someone really listen to me for the time that I’m there, it is like a type of therapy for me,” Mr. Pete Wallace said.