Midstate cheer goes virtual


Ashley Kremer, reporter

In order to adapt to the restrictions given due to COVID-19, the GHS competition cheer team has entered their routine in competitions that take place virtually instead of in person. The team has been practicing in the mornings and evenings several times a week. Although practicing often, the team has faced many struggles since they began practicing at the end of summer.

“This season has been difficult because we began practicing later than usual due to covid. We have not had much practice before our competitions which caused injuries and stress,” freshman Hannah Miscik said.

Participating in virtual competitions has many differences compared to competitions in person. To enter the competition, the team records their routine in the gym and sends it to each competition.

“On the day of the first competition, we had two girls get injured. We had to quickly reblock the routine and compete with it in one practice. I think that virtual competitions takes away the adrenaline that the girls get before they perform in front of multiple schools. Virtual competitions feel more as a dress rehearsal,” coach Macy Renfro said.

 There is also more pressure put on the cheerleaders as they submit videos for virtual competitions because they can do the routine as many times as needed in order to get the best video of the routine. Having good stamina is necessary in case the routine needs to be recorded more than once.

“The team as a whole needs to work on our stamina in order to keep our energy up throughout our routine. Being one of the few upperclassmen, I feel like I’ve tried to lead the team and encourage everyone to want to work hard all of the time,” junior Pihelli Zekalo said.

The team is looking forward to other competitions this winter, even if they continue to be done virtually.

“My goal for this season is for the girls to hit a perfect routine with zero deductions. With injuries and sickness holding the girls back in the beginning of the season, I’m confident that they will finish the season strong,” Renfro said.