GHS Yearbook Sales


Elijah Poe, Sports Editor

Yearbooks are something students will have for a lifetime, and the staff hopes to make the memories last.

“Our main goal for the yearbook staff is to try to get every name in the book at least three times. It is the school’s yearbook not just the staff’s yearbook, so we want to account for every student,” junior Garret Appleget said.

The yearbook staff always has the end goal of including every student, that way every student can be involved in the book.

“Two years ago, the yearbook staff decided to try to include each student three times. Last year, the goal was still the same, but they did not hit it as hard. We were still able to get the yearbook out on time with the wonderful supplement both yearbook and newspaper were able to produce even when COVID hit,” Ms. Denise Roberts, journalism teacher, said.

Each year the yearbook tries to display a theme for the book.

“The whole theme of the book is ‘Out of the Box.’ We are kind of approaching it as an out of the box year. We have had a lot of things that had never happened. We go along our usual life tasks different this year, so we are trying to show that,” senior Gentry Appleget said.

Yearbooks convey each part of high school, and GHS looks to put those memories in concrete.

“Usually we sell around 700 yearbooks. That is really good, considering that schools like Warren Central can’t even sell 200 yearbooks. It is just not a huge part of their school culture. This year the senior class has been crazy. It is like all of them have gotten senior personals, and we have had to add 10 extra pages of senior personals,” Ms. Roberts said.

There are specific roles on staff to complete the yearbook, each student has a job to best complete the book.

“My specific role on staff is to fill pages. I come up with mod ideas, interview for quotes, source or take photos for spreads, or write stories,” junior Garret Lapinski said.

Appleget also has a big role on the staff as well.

“I am the photo coordinator this year. Basically I either take photos or tell others to take photos for the yearbook. I am in charge of making sure we have photos of what we need,” he said.

There is still time to purchase a yearbook. The deadlines to Dec. 11. You can either pick up an order form in the office and buy with cash or a check, or visit to order using a credit card.