Girls Basketball Preview


Jack Titzer, reporter

 The girls basketball team is ready to kick off the season on November 5 with their first game of the season and then the County tournament starting November 16 and ending November 19. 

With the girl’s basketball season starting and the football season just recently coming to an end with the close loss to Martinsville, Coach Bennett had to coach both teams as they prepare for their separate events.

“The only difficult part is that I have to spend less time with one of those teams, and with me being the head basketball coach I have to spend more time now with the girls and only able to attend part of our football practices. I love coaching football, I love the guys that I get to coach, so it is always tough having to be at one practice more than the other. Nevertheless, I am thankful that Coach Campbell allows me to be part of his staff and still perform my duties as the girl’s basketball coach,” Coach Bennett said.

With the county tournament at the beginning of the season, the girls have to practice hard to start the season off with a bang.

“I really feel like our girls did a lot individually this summer to improve themselves and prepare for the season. From individual workouts to the team challenge work out each week, along with meeting two times a week in the at the park, the transition to having pre-season open gyms and now starting the official season with practices every day, I feel like we are farther along then we have been in the past year or so,” Coach Bennett said.

Setting goals is a crucial part of success.

“Some of the goals I would say I have for the County tournament would be to play as a team and to work hard and win the whole thing this year. For the whole season, I think the main goal we have as a team is to build as a team and get better together and I think we should focus on building off of what we did last year,” senior Kiley Hankenhoff said.

Teamwork is important.

“This year I am really excited to play with more upperclassmen, become more comfortable with them, and overall just improve the team’s relationship as a whole. We all know we can win games if we work together and give it our all,” sophomore Ella Stivers said.

Everyone has pregame rituals.

“Some of my pregame rituals include being in a positive mental place to help myself be confident and do well. It may sound stupid, but I also fix my hair and pre-wrap headband just before I step on the court. Something about that makes me feel prepared and ready to give it my all,” sophomore Emily Metzger said.

Family is family, and when an athlete has a chance to play with your little sister like the Hankenhoff sisters might get to do this year would be an awesome thing to see.

“I am really excited that my sister, Courtney Hankenhoff, is coming up as a freshman this year and that we might get an opportunity to play together this year. I know we would both love that,” Hankenhoff said.