Noble Roman’s pizza review


Abby Stuber, reporter

Noble Roman’s is an Indiana-based pizza joint started in 1972. I’m not usually a fan of pizza, but the exterior of the building caught my attention. Located at 2826 S State Rd 135, the building is tall and modern. When I walked in, it was fairly busy and the smell of pizza was strong. They had limited outdoor seating, which I prefer (especially during these times), but my friend and I had managed to get a table. 

The menu had an almost overwhelming amount of options, but it did guarantee that almost anybody could find something for them. I ordered the pizza margherita while my friend ordered the veggie max. As my friend is a vegetarian, we weren’t sure if we could find anything for her, but we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of meatless options. I was also surprised by the amount of non-traditional pizza options. I usually don’t like pizza with tomato sauce, but there were multiple options with olive oil instead. 

The server taking our order was very kind, especially considering the current rush. They talked to us about the most popular menu items, and their personal favorites. The Works and Animal Farm were the two most commonly ordered, but the staff favorite is their signature pizza, Alfredo the Chicken. 

It took around twenty minutes for us to get our food, which was a decent time considering the amount of customers there. The food looked and smelled delicious. Upon taking my first bite, I realized how messy it was. Some of the toppings fell off and it was mildly greasy. However, I managed to put the toppings back on and enjoy my pizza. It was very good, with a nice ratio of sauce to cheese. Olive oil pizza can also have a tendency to be extremely greasy, and while this did have some of that, it was much less than I’ve seen other places. The veggie pizza was also good, but not anything that stood out from others I’ve had. We also decided to try the cinnamon sticks for dessert, and those were delicious. If I were to go again, I would definitely get another plate of this. 

I would recommend Noble Roman’s to anyone who is not a huge fan of traditional pizza or who is looking to try something new. Anyone looking to go should consider trying something different, as they offer a lot of options. Overall, anyone who is an adventurous eater or looking for a quick bite to eat would probably find a trip there worthwhile.