Smokehouse Catering Company review

Smokehouse Catering Company review


Smokehouse Catering Company is a family owned barbecue place located on Main Street.

When I first arrived at Smokehouse I was impressed by the atmosphere. The small shop had a very local vibe and a nice esthetic. The shop is set up like a bakery, and I walked along a counter where they have all the meat, sides, and desserts displayed for me to pick and choose.

I chose the salmon with sides of white macaroni and cheese and cheesy potatoes. I had banana bread for dessert. It was definitely the highlight of the meal. The salmon was flaky, juicy, and very flavorful. The salmon was perfectly cooked so it fell apart on the fork. It had a near perfect texture. The meal was also juicy. Dry salmon is always a disappointment, but Smokehouse salmon didn’t let me down.

My sides were great, too.. The white macaroni was creamy, flavorful, and apparently their best seller. The macaroni had bacon and chives in it that gave it a great flavor. The augratin potatoes were basically salty cheesy sliced potatoes, and who doesn’t love  salty cheesy sliced potatoes. 

While the food was impressive, what I learned this local shop does for our community was my favorite part. The owners have gone above and beyond just serving Greenwood great food. When the Corona virus hit, Smokehouse collaborated with the Greenwood Education Foundation to provide teachers with meals during the uncertain times. On top of providing meals for our teachers, they have worked out a deal with the Woodmen Touchdown Club to provide our football team meals on Thursday before Friday night games. The local shop also donates large amounts of money to various community-oriented charities, including one centered around special needs children. The shop employs a couple of our own students. 

I would highly recommend this restaurant for many reasons. Their food is not only top notch, but what they do for our community is even better. Especially in times like these, small businesses like Smokehouse need our support. I encourage all to stop by Smokehouse Catering Company and support them like they support you and get some great food while you’re at it.