Woodmen basketball prepares for season opener


Gavin Folco, J1 reporter

Last season the Woodmen basketball team had a fantastic run in the State playoffs to win a Sectional title, and if it were not for the COVID-19 virus outbreak, who knows how far the Woodmen would have gone in the playoffs. 

With the new season right around the corner, higher expectations are in place for the Woodmen basketball team. 

Sophomore Nash Peterson explained the team’s expectations for this season.

  “This season our goal as a team is to win another Sectional title,” Peterson said.

Junior Brock Kincaid shared his expectations. 

“We want another Sectional title. I believe we can go farther than that too. Last season the virus is what ended our season, and we believe we are going to surprise a lot more people again this season,” said Kincaid. 

Senior Rasheed Elemikan shared his expectations. 

“We believe we are going to win another Sectional title. We will be good this year,” said Elemikan. 

Extra precautions have been in place to keep sports safe. 

Kincaid added to that.

 Peterson describes how practices have been.

“Practices have been much more intense. We know we have our work cut out this year after graduating so many seniors last year,” Peterson said. 

“Practice is really fun. Playing with the team is always great, and Coach has us working hard to prepare for the season,” said Elemikan. 

The basketball team has been working hard over the summer to stay in shape.

“Over the summer we had practice and worked on fundamentals more than anything. During the season, practice will be more intense and we will focus on preparing for teams rather than staying in shape,” Peterson said. 

Players are gearing up for the season.

“We have been having practice after school and working out with Coach Watson preparing our bodies and skill sets for the long season,” Peterson said. 

“We’ve been working out after school and getting in shape. Everything we are doing is to get ready for the season,” said Elemikan.