Why you should vote/volunteer

Why you should vote/volunteer

Eric Reingardt, reporter

The three most terrifying words threatening our generation are: “voting doesn’t matter.” Timberlines has always advocated for young people to be involved politically no matter where they stand on the issues. We could not call ourselves journalists otherwise. 

We as students are well aware of how exhausting the political process can be and how easy it is to ignore it and focus entirely on our own individual lives. This is especially the case at our age. Why worry over who to vote for when we are struggling to decide a major? Who cares about the minimum wage debate when we have work after school to get to? Why should we read up on Joe Biden’s education plans when we have assignments due? Who cares about the tax code when we need to find somewhere to live once we move out?

The reality is that these things are all related. Whether we like it or not, our destinies are tangled up with these current events, and doing whatever we can to be involved is infinitely important. This means voting and volunteering at the polls whenever and however we can despite how complicated the pandemic has made things. 

Those who are really fired up about the political process can volunteer to work at the polls. Contact the Johnson County election administrator at (317) 346-4466. Volunteers must be registered voters, however, there is a program for those too young to vote (ages 16 and 17) who just cannot wait to work the polls called “Hoosier Hall Pass.” Anyone interested needs to ask Mr. Garrison to sign a certain permission slip. Go to “workthepolls.in.gov” for more information. 

We take a lot of things for granted in this day and age, but voting can absolutely not be one of them. Yes, the “get out and vote” ads are annoying, and the cheerful celebrities and politicians telling everyone their votes matter have become cliche, but just because it is cliche does not mean it is any less true. We at Timberlines are here to say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, voting matters. 

As we enter into adulthood, we focus so much on our education and careers, but we can easily neglect our responsibilities as citizens. We must be active in the political movements which directly impact all of our lives. That one little vote in our hands is, without exaggeration, the lifeblood of this nation. Do not let it die, get out and vote, vote, vote.