Haunted house experiences


Ruby Olston, feature editor

During October, haunted houses are commonly the best way to experience the excitement and thrill of the Halloween season.

Each person has their own traumatic story, and junior Luciano Robbins is no exception.  Robbins fear was derived from losing his friend and not being able to help him.

“The most traumatic time for me was when I was with my friend, (junior) Sam Fenner, and a couple other people, and they split the girls and the boys up so it was just Sam and I at the third house at Nightmare on Edgewood.  They grabbed Sam when I was in front of him, and he screamed my name, but I couldn’t follow him because they took him through the clown maze and I got lost and had to find another group,” Robbins said.

Freshman Ellie Irwin has been to multiple haunted houses, but her experiences have never been easy.  Irwin’s trauma from haunted houses is general but still frightful.

“My most traumatizing experience is when I had to walk through a black haunted house, and it was completely dark.  I couldn’t see a thing, and it made it difficult to find my way out.  The scariest part of it was actually after I got out because they continued to follow me out and chased me down at the very end,” Irwin said.

Senior Alexia Zekalo said her most traumatizing experience was getting separated from her friends and being jump scared by the haunted house actors. 

“I went [to Nightmare on Edgewood] this past Saturday and they had this part where they can separate you from your group, and one of my friends was separated from us into the second group.  As we were walking away, my boyfriend tried telling me someone was next to me, but I wasn’t listening because I was saying bye to my friend, and when I turned my head, I caught a glimpse of him and almost hit the floor and cried,” Zekalo said.

Despite the trauma, Robbins said nerves before going in make it more bearable and also provides a source of laughter after it is all over.

“I enjoy the thrill until I get there because my favorite part is waiting in the lines and listening to their music because they play music that builds suspense as you get closer to the front, but eventually I get nervous.  It’s usually something we all laugh about after we leave the house,” Robbins said. 

The most common nearby haunted houses seem to be Nightmare on Edgewood and Hanna Haunted Acres.  Freshman Grace Dawson has been to the latter, but also wants to go to Edgewood to get the full experience.

“I have been to Hanna Haunted Acres, but it wasn’t my first time going there.  I go to the same haunted house every time, so I think next time I will try and different one,” Dawson said. 

Irwin would love to go to another haunted house.  The price for a ticket at Hanna Haunted Acres can range anywhere from $23.95 to $33.95, and the cost for a ticket at Nightmare on Edgewood is $25 to $35, depending on the date.

“Haunted houses are so fun and such a good thrill. I will for sure be going again soon because I always want to go again after I get finished, but I can’t because it costs more money for another ticket,” Irwin said.