Varsity Football Recap


Nathan Kremer, reporter

At one point, this year’s football season seemed improbable; however, the season has gone on, and the Woodmen have had a season to remember.

From the beginning of the season, the varsity team has taken advantage of rushing the football and demoralizing their opponents for all four quarters of the game.

“Something that our team has definitely been able to accomplish throughout this season is running the football downhill successfully. We have been able to wear down our opponents, which gives us an advantage as the game goes on,” varsity head coach, Mike Campbell said.

One key moment made Woodmen history.

“A special record that has been broken this season is we had our first female, Olivia Brawley, score in a varsity game,” Coach Campbell said.

A few more individual achievements were made this season as Noah Apgar, Ethan Haessig, and Gavin Ruppert were all nominated Player of the Week by IndyStar

“This season we have had some great individual performances from different guys on our team. It has been so cool to see a multitude of guys have success throughout the season,” junior Gavin Ruppert, linebacker/quarterback, said.

Besides breaking records and pancaking opponents into the ground, the Woodmen have had other memorable moments from this season.

“Something that I will always remember from this season is the memories I had with my teammates on and off the field and the relationships that I built with this years’ senior class,” Ruppert said.