JV Football Recap

Nathan Kremer, reporter

This year’s JV squad significantly improved during the season as the players had their minds set on reaching the varsity level in the near future.

The players on the team have been coachable and a fun group to be around. They have brought a positive attitude to practice.

“Camaraderie as a JV team is always a must, and we definitely have that with the group we have right now. They are all friends and pick each other up rather than tear one another down, which can destroy any team,” JV Coach Kyle Nixon said.

Throughout the season, Coach Nixon was able to focus on certain aspects of the team without having to worry about the rest of the team slacking off.

“The thing that has stood out to me the most during the season is the leadership of our upperclassmen. Our juniors and sophomores have been fantastic leading a team that is freshmen heavy and showing them how we do things in our program,” Coach Nixon said.

As for the players, they too feel like significant improvements were made.

“Throughout this year’s season, I feel like I have greatly improved as a football player. My biggest skill that I think I have improved on is getting off of blocks quicker to put myself in a position to make a play. We have done countless drills that focus on this specific skill, which has helped me improve dramatically,” sophomore Nash Peterson, linebacker, said.