Girls Golf Recap


Nathan Kremer, reporter

At the beginning of the season, the girls team came in with three players who had never played golf. 

“Going into the season, we knew that we were a very inexperienced team and just needed time on the golf course. The two freshmen and one sophomore came in just wanting to hit the ball over and over again. There is so much more to golf than that. By year’s end, they began to visualize where they needed to hit the ball to set up their best chance of scoring,” Coach Tom Hord said.

One of the best moments of the entire season was junior Maura Guilfoy making it to the State tournament and finishing tied for 58th out of 1,200 golfers.

“She is the first to qualify for the State finals as a single since 2002. This is huge for our team to see what can be done. Hopefully, it will get others to want to achieve that kind of success for themselves,” Coach Hord said.

One thing that made the season so much fun was the camaraderie between the girls on the team.

“I will always remember having such a good group of girls who always got along and made the best out of the situation,” Guilfoy said.