Band and choir perform for community


Elijah Poe, Sports Editor

With COVID forcing ISSMA to close down competitions for the season, the band and choir performed for the public earlier this month.

“This year there is a lot of practice inside and outside of school. When you are working with a large group like the band and choir, not everyone will get to practice exactly what they needed to in school. A large part of preparation is on an individual to work outside of class,” senior Makayla Millington, flutist, said.

With the lack of ISSMA contests and performances this year, the band has had to change their show drastically.

“Because we don’t have ISSMA, we are doing a shorter three minute show. Rather than our usual 10 minute show,” junior Andrew Jones, percussionist, said.

Junior Jenna Vandergriff, percussionist, elaborated.

“We are only able to perform at home football games. We also have a community performance as well,” Vandergriff said.

The choir is now focused on Solo and Ensemble for this year.

Senior Marissa Olson said,“We are not doing our usual ISSMA performances, but we still are able to do solo and ensemble virtually.”

The band’s show is titled “Chasing Rainbows.”

“This year’s band show is titled Chasing Rainbows. The show is about the chaos that can come with a storm, but it ultimately shows the beauty that the rainbow could have afterwards. We are looking at all that has happened this season as the storm that we had to go through as we chase for the rainbow that symbolizes hope,” Millington, said.

Precautions have to be in place to keep everyone safe.

“With COVID, we all have to wear masks when we aren’t playing and social distance the best we can on breaks. Also, a lot of traditions we do have been altered so they can be COVID-friendly,” Jones said.

Millington expanded on that idea for both band and choir.

“For the band, we are using instrument covers when we are indoors. We practice social distancing both inside and outside. The choir has special singers’ masks that allow us to breathe better than a normal mask, and they help our voices carry further as well.”

The band is already looking forward to the future and starting to prepare for next season.

“To continue to prepare for next season, we are continuing to practice and work hard so we can maintain and keep up with our marching and playing techniques. We also are starting to train freshmen to get prepared for next season,” Jones said.

Olson elaborated.

“We are just trying to practice and rehearse a lot and really try to have positive attitudes for the rest of the year.”

The band and choir preformed on October 7th and October 8th. Both performances were live streamed.