Among Us becomes one of the most played games of 2020

Among Us becomes one of the most played games of 2020

Brayton Laster, reporter

Through the magic of social media and livestreaming, a game that barely had any players is now one of the top selling games on Steam and one of the most downloaded in App stores across the world.

Among Us is a game of deception very similar to other board and cards games like Mafia, Secret Hitler and Werewolf, where there is a small group of players trying to sabotage a bigger group of players. A game consists of a group of players, called crewmates, anywhere from four to 10 players in total, all trying to complete a set of tasks that can be as easy as swiping a card in a card scanner or having to memorize a long pattern and repeating the pattern.

Everyone has to complete their tasks before being killed by the imposter(s) in order to win. Amongst the group of crewmates is a smaller group of imposters. There are normally one to three imposters a game, depending how many crewmates are playing. The imposters have to blend in with the others, and fake tasks to sabotage the crewmates. The imposters can kill the crewmates or cause a crisis within the map that if not fixed within a certain time limit will mean game over for the crewmates.

The best part of the game comes after a body has been discovered or the emergency meeting button has been pushed. Normally while everyone is completing tasks there is no talking or any form of communication between players, but if a body is reported or the button is pushed, everyone will be summoned back to the meeting room where they are allowed to share vital information. This is normally the most chaotic part of the game, as everyone is trying to put together tidbits of information and blame someone. Since the time during these meetings can be restricted, it normally leads to the wrong person being voted off, however, if the crewmates are able to correctly identify the imposter(s), then they can win.

Among Us offers non-stop entertainment to its playerbase with each game consisting of different tasks and a different way to face the imposters as their playstyle is constantly changing and evolving as different players are chosen to be imposters each game. In the recent months it has gone from having only a couple dozen to a couple hundred players a day to having hundreds of thousands of individual players each day. The developers have already announced all sorts of new features that are going to be added. They even announced a sequel, but have since taken back their statement about a sequel and decided just to add the features and improve the original game.

I have been playing Among Us since August and have easily racked up more than 150 hours, it is definitely one of my favorite games, and I cannot wait to see what the developers do to the game in the future. This game is a solid 10/10 game, mainly thanks to its simplicity and the fact that it is constantly changing the way the player has to approach problems and situations to create a game that never gets boring.

Among Us is free on Apple and Google Play App Stores and is available on PC through Steam for $5. It is cross platform so players on the mobile version can play with those on the PC.