Fall Sports Recap (cross country & tennis)


Charli Graves, reporter

Boys tennis had a successful season all around.

According to Coach, Jeremy Runge, the whole team had a great season and played well.

“I would argue that most of our year was the highpoint. We just played really well throughout the whole year. It was just consistent good tennis. We played hard and backed it up with the wins and losses,” Coach Runge said.

Though the team as a whole did not advance to State, senior Ethan Gray had a chance to go as an individual.

“So our team as a whole lost to Center Grove in Sectionals. After that, there is an individual tournament, and that is what Ethan was doing so he ended up playing a few extra matches and lost to Quinton Gillespie from Whiteland,” Coach Runge said.

Boys cross country had a super successful season with the entire boys varsity team advancing to the semi-state championships. 

“The highlight of our season was making it out of regionals as a team. Each year, we have to fight to make it out of sectionals and regionals,” Junior Cj Meyer said. 

They got to run at the semi-state meet and placed really well even with difficult competition. 

“We easily have the most competitive and hardest semi-state in Indiana. With some of the biggest schools in Central Indiana, we were not expecting anything big to happen. We understood we had nothing to lose, we all went out and ran a hard race, and ended up placing 19th,” Meyer said. 

Coach hockersmith was impressed by the boys’ performance. 

“They all did exactly as we hoped they would; they prepared really well and went ready. Nobody had a bad day. They all did great,” Coach Hockermith said.

The girls cross country team had a very successful season on and off of the course. Obviously there were a lot of challenges that came with having a season during a global pandemic.

“For me, the highlight of our season wasn’t a specific moment. Obviously, because of Covid, we weren’t able to have a lot of team bonding and had many restrictions. However, we still managed to be a team. We ran every meet like it was going to be our last, and encouraged each other to keep on improving,” Junior Selena Pinon said.

Even so, the team managed to get two girls, Ava Leininger and Selena Piñon, to advance to regionals, and Piñon made it all the way to semi-state. 

“This year was a lot different being the only girl to advance to semi-state. This year I was a lot more nervous, because it seems like a lot of pressure at first. But I just had to tell myself that I’ve ran hundreds of races before, and this isn’t any different from those,” Pinon said.

Apparently though, Selena did not let her nerves get in the way of her having an amazing race. 

“Selena did great. Our goal this year was to get solidly into the semi state meet. State wasn’t an end game goal, that will be next year.  But she placed right where she should have been; she’s been super consistent throughout the championship season,” Coach Hockersmith said.