GHS takes part in new lunch program


Justin Waddell, reporter

The U.S has adopted a new plan to provide free lunches to all students in an effort to provide meals during this pandemic.

Principal Todd Garrison explained why GHS took part in the program.  

“This is a national program (USDA) for all students regardless of family income. The program is intended for all students K-12 in the Unites States. The program includes all basic breakfast and lunch meals. It is designed to ensure all students have a safe, healthy, and nutritious meal during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Mrs. Cheryl Hargis, the food services director, explained how the free lunch program is an amazing opportunity for parents and kids.

“All students can eat free through December or until the USDA runs out of money. This helps the students out that might not have money to buy a meal that day or don’t qualify for free and reduced meals. Our lunch and breakfast counts have gone up, and I hope they will continue to go up. This is a good time for all students to try out our meals in the cafeteria,” she said. 

Mrs. Hargis described the possible negative effects that would come with the end of the program. 

“The negative effects, I think, will be when the program ends and the students would want to continue to buy a meal and they think they can’t afford it and then they go hungry all day. Also, some students don’t understand that they have to take a fruit or vegetable to make it a complete meal for them to receive it free,” she said.