The annual  Cabaret Night on Sept. 10 featured a stage full of Woodmen talent.

For one student performer, the highlight of the night was not her performance but rather someone else’s.

“Watching people perform who I’ve never seen do that kind of thing was the coolest part of the night,” senior Kimberly Cope said. 

The students each got to pick out their own performance.

“I sang ‘Lost in the Brass’ from ‘Band Geeks,” junior Angela Stigal said. 

“I chose my song because it’s a song from a musical, and it’s really fun.”

Songs from musicals were a common theme throughout the night. 

“I sang ‘On My Own’ from the musical ‘Les Misérables,” senior Kimberly Cope said. 

“I’ve always loved the song and when I was asked what song i was doing it’s the first song that came to mind.” 

For many students, it was the highlight of the night. 

“The coolest part of the night is when you are performing and right after you finish your performance and hear the audience clapping. That’s when you know you were successful,” junior Grace Allen said. 

For other students, the highlight of the night was not their performance rather someone else’s.

 “The coolest part of the night is watching people perform who I’ve never seen do that kind of thing. I just love seeing people open themselves up and take a risk,” Cope said. 

Another favorite performance was not a student performance.

 “My favorite part of the night is when our choir teacher, Mr. Watson, performed a beautiful piano piece. I love piano and Mr. Watson is amazing at it. It was very moving,” Stigal said. 

While many performed, the evening would not have been possible without spectators. 

“I went to watch Kim, Angela, Tiffy and Mya, but I enjoy watching everyone else as well,” junior Lilly Mull said. “I loved that everyone was still able to perform despite the worries in the world right now.”