period 0 workouts


Jayson Vaughn, reporter

Usually sleep is what people are doing at 5:30 a.m. but for athletes who go into school this early to grind and get big, it is an important time.

“ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM” is what the coaching staff teaches, and it is what drives athletes to play to their full potential.this includes remote students.

“I want to stay big and strong. Just because I’m not at school to workout is not something that would stop me from helping my teammates. I wake up and go every day. Nothing’s going to stand in the way of us going all the way to the State finals,” senior Daylon Bene said.

The people who do go early in the morning do the same workouts as APC classes. It is the same lifts every day and every week.

A new workout plan has them do the same weight for a week and increase by five pounds every week as a weekly progression to build the body, muscle mental and to build how much effort they have so they can be there best for longer.

“Waking up early is just part of the grind. There are many things I must do to prepare myself for this every morning grind. I wake up, put my feet on the ground and think to myself that everyday I get closer and closer to my goal, and I know I will achieve it one day even if it is sooner than later. I want to be more successful than everybody so if i have to do this every morning, then I will blow through these in a breeze,” senior Rasheed Elemikan said.