GHS utilizes e-learning opportunity


Ashley Kremer, reporter

GHS will be having mandatory e-learning days to help adapt to the new school year.

Beginning Sept. 16, students will be learning from home in order to give teachers the time to grade, create lesson plans, navigate Canvas and check in with the online students.

“Teachers can use this time to not only prepare what will be posted on Canvas for students to work on but also collaborate with other teachers and reach out to the online students,” Mrs. Alison Bonham, union president and English teacher, said. 

Many teachers are looking forward to the e-learning days in order to prepare for the rest of the semester.

“Having to teach simultaneously online and in person is really stressful right now and having those days will help us catch up. These days will also give students a break from the typical work they do every day,” Mrs. Stephanie Senac, English teacher, said.

The High School is the only school in the district that is utilizing the mandatory e-learning days for many different reasons. 

“The high school is the only school in the district and one of the only schools in the area that have teachers that are expected to do concurrent teaching. Concurrent teaching is where teachers have both in person and online students,” Principal Todd Garrison said. “Our issue at the high school is licensing because our teachers are not licensed to teach every class like teachers in the elementary and middle schools are. This does not allow for us to give teachers either all in-person or all online students”

            Going into the school year, teachers expected to have very few online learners and, therefore, were not prepared for the extra work and time needed to keep everyone learning. 

            “The first week before school, we expected to have only 60-70 students doing e-learning. Instead, we have 15 percent of students doing e-learning. Not all teachers had the expectation of having these online classes. The teachers need the e-learning days to prepare for the rest of the semester,” Mrs. Bonham said.

            The team of Union members involved with the decision to make some days mandatory e-learning days represent the opinions of teachers at GHS.

“As a union representative, teachers came to us, and so we helped them by creating these days in order to get rid of the stress that some teachers are under,” Mr. Rich Perry, union vice president, said.