NY Slice offers greasy New York style pizza to Greenwood

NY Slice offers greasy New York style pizza to Greenwood

Brayton Laster, reporter

Pizza is an art, and NY Slice is a very mediocre artist.

NY Slice is a brand new pizza restaurant by the Greenwood Park Mall where Papa John’s and Agape Pizza used to be. However, it seems to have trouble making as quality pizza as the previous building owners.

A New York pizza is supposed to be a fluffy, hand tossed, thin crust with a crispy edge, and NY Slice had this part perfected. The crust was nice and fluffy with a golden brown crispy edge. The thickness was not too thin where it would fall apart, and it was not too thick. A key aspect of the pizza was how incredibly greasy it was. From when I first opened the box, the large amount of grease gave off a reflection from the sun that was almost blinding. It seemed to have a whole ingredient layer of just grease. I have eaten many pizzas in my lifetime; few have been as greasy as this.

I ordered a simple small 10” pizza with just pepperoni. It was difficult to order a pizza without cheese through the website, as I currently am on a restricted diet, so I had to call in and place my specific order instead. I will give NY Slice some credit; their website is very user friendly, and when it comes to ordering, it is very simple and easy. It is just hard to place unusual orders, such as pizza without cheese.

Since I am on a restricted diet I invited some of my friends to taste a pizza with no restrictions so they could report the full experience. They ordered a simple 16” pizza, half pepperoni, half sausage.

“It was basically a gas station pizza but rebranded. It tasted very similar to a Casey’s pizza and even had the same amount of grease someone would find from a gas station pizza if not more,” senior Jared Ott said. “The taste was actually alright once I got past the layer of grease. It was well cooked, and the crust had a very nice texture around the edge to help balance the plethora of sausage and gooey cheese. However due to the large amount of grease, it had soaked into the rest of the pizza dough resulting in a very soggy pizza.”

My cheeseless pizza was alright. It was hard to enjoy a pizza without cheese, but mine did not have nearly as much grease as the large pizza with cheese. There was a decent amount of sauce, and the pepperonis used added an alright flavor to the pizza. The crust was cooked nicely with a slight texture around the edge and was fluffy in the middle. However, even though there was not as much grease as the other pizza, it was still apparent and heavily affected the crispiness of the pepperonis and might have soaked into the crust a little bit.

NY Slice also offers a variety of sides and desserts.

“I tried out one of their cannolis, which are very hard to find here in the midwest, especially in Indiana. The shell had a perfect amount of crunch which complemented the smooth cannoli crème that had just enough sweetness provided by the chocolate chips,” senior Carter Reynolds said. “Although we are only in Indiana, it held up greatly to any Italian bakery someone would visit in New York.”

The pricing was similar to that from a chain with a variety of appetizers and smaller dishes pricing from just under $4 up to $7. There was a variety of salads as well for a healthier option ranging from $5.29-$9.79. The pizzas itself were reasonably priced with 10” pizzas costing $9.99, 16” costing 14.99, and 20” costing $16.99.

If it were not for the abundance of grease, I would rate NY Slice a solid 9 out of 10, but for now, between the problems ordering and large amount of grease on their pizzas, I will have to give them a 5 out of 10. Although their desserts alone are solid and in their own category are a solid 10 out of 10, if NY Slice can work on their pizza a little bit, they will be booming with business in no time.

NY Slice is currently only available for carry-out or delivery through third party services. It is located at 1201 Greenwood Park E Drive, in the mall parking lot.