COVID-19 Openings

COVID-19 Openings

Gavin Folco, J1 reporter

2020 has been quite the year and it has affected everyone differently. Many have lost their homes, jobs, and family members all because of the COVID 19 global pandemic. 

Places have gradually started to open up since our nation-wide quarantine. Some states in the U.S. have pushed to open stores, restaurants, and schools, while others have decided to hold off on reopening businesses. COVID reports vary on the amount of people who have it, how fast it spreads, and how many people have died from it. Some hospitals have reported that thousands of people have died from COVID, while some reports have come out that the numbers are inflated and that hospitals make money when they report COVID deaths. 

I think, businesses need to open up because no one really knows just how dangerous COVID is. It has a lower death rate than the flu, but we do not ever see that on the news. All we hear is how dangerous it is, and while that might be true, businesses need to open up. So many small businesses have closed permanently because they were forced to quarantine and close down. That hurts the economy as not only does the U.S have less businesses, jobs are being lost. And with things still being closed down, jobs are not available for people to work. 

To this day restaurants are still at 50 percent capacity, and some restaurants are struggling to stay open. I believe that with the masks, as annoying as they are, restaurants and stores should open up to max capacity. Schools as well have been affected by the COVID virus. Most schools have either gone completely online or have gone to a hybrid schedule where students are only in school for a certain amount of days. Greenwood has been an exception in the state, as we have not closed down at all for outbreak and have remained opened. Even though we will have certain days online, we have managed to stay open. 

I believe it is safe to go out and be in places now. It has been too long since I have gone to see a new movie at the movie theater. We need to open everything up and try harder to return to normal.