Well-read Woodmen: GHS IMC creates new book delivery service

Well-read Woodmen: GHS IMC creates new book delivery service

Conner Peckinpaugh, reporter

The IMC has always provided so many reading options. With COVID-19 making people weary of sharing germs, the IMC has experienced a decline in visitors this school year.

Mrs. Julie Reynolds, media specialist, explained what issues the IMC has been facing due to the pandemic.

“Because of COVID, students aren’t coming down as often and so I just wanted to reiterate  that students can still use the library even if you’re not stepping foot in the doors. So this is a chance for students to keep reading this year without having to worry about social distancing, or what they’re touching, or when they are allowed to come down,” she said

To counter the loss of library visitors, Mrs. Reynolds has come up with a solution for those still interested in getting books from the IMC.

“We now have a Canvas page specifically for the IMC so all students have access to the library’s resources through the canvas page,” Mrs. Reynolds said. “One of the modules is a Google Form that students can fill out where they can tell me their favorite genres, their least favorite genres, and their favorite TV shows. Then, I take their survey, and I choose three books for them that I think they would like based on their interests and dislikes. Then, I check the books out for them and deliver the books to them to their English class. They can also request specific titles, like if they know for sure they want the Hunger Games, I’ll get the Hunger Games for them.”

Students are still learning how the service works and what to expect from it.

“The student response so far has been exciting, and the classes that I have presented it to, especially my freshmen classes, I’ve had an overwhelming response. I’m excited that students will respond to the survey at all times of the day. I will get alerts at 7 p.m. that someone just filled out the survey. That’s really exciting that students are using it. It has kept me busy,” Mrs. Reynolds said. 

When Mrs. Reynolds said all students have access to this service, she means all students, including distance learning students.

“I’m also excited that distance learning students can do it too. They can fill out the survey through canvas and I’ll bring the books to the front office and they can come pick them up within about a week’s time,” she said.

Having this new service available will be helpful for busy students who just don’t have time to go to the IMC during their school day.

“I’m excited to have an easier way to get books that you’re sure to like,” senior Maxiel Abreu-Leon, IMC teacher’s assistant said. “I do think more people should use the service because it is very convenient.” she said.