Drive-in Concerts


Ethan Pringle, Reporter

   As the perfect season for drive-in movies arrives, music fans should try drive in concerts, too

“You don’t have to worry about where you would stand or where to go when you get there, you could just pull your car up and listen to the music,” sophomore Lily Hommel “Yeah, I think it could be. It would be a nice way to social distance and not have to wear a mask, and you wouldn’t have to worry about normal concert fears like losing phone, wallet, etc.,” sophomore Olivia Bullock said on if a drive in concert would be as fun as a real one.

Everyone has a certain taste in music, but no one can deny that a hype concert is the best type of concert.

“I think any artist would be cool to see perform. Nobody is really familiar with drive in concerts so it would be interesting to see your favorite artist. I think it would be super cool to see somebody like Post Malone perform. Someone who makes a lot of hype music like that,” said Bullock.

Being on stage for a concert is a really cool thing to be a part of, but is it the same during a drive in concert?

“It is a lot different than other concerts. We had to set up earlier because we had to put in social distancing lines to keep everyone safe. Most people brought a lawn chair and maintained a social distance from each other. Other people pulled up into the spots and sat in the trunk of their cars. It’s a lot different from the stage because usually you really interact with the crowd but now unfortunately you don’t have that interaction. Even though the concerts are socially distanced it is still an experience,” said Junior Evan Jacobs.

On September 26, at the Tibbs drive in, Kane Brown is performing there. You can get tickets on websites like Ticketmaster or other ticket websites.