Girls Soccer Preview


Jack Titzer, reporter

On September 23, the girls soccer team will play Perry Meridian at Perry after losing  a close game to the Falcons last year at home.

The team has been preparing for not only Perry but all other of the high-level competition schools. 

“Last year, we played Perry at home, which usually helps, but we did not play to the best of our ability, and we lost a game that we should have won pretty easily. I know the team is excited to play them again and win. We have been preparing for Perry and all higher-level teams by working on the simple things. We have been connecting smoother, quicker passes, stepping on the ball, and overall just becoming a better team,” Josie Ochsner sophomore sweeper, said.

The players have set goals for themselves and the team while preparing for the bigger schools such as Perry and Plainfield.

“For the games coming up, I am most excited to see how far the team and I have come since last season. Perry and Plainfield are two of the best teams we play, and it will take a lot of preparation to compete and beat them. My goal for the game is to just try my best and make the game as close as possible and just try to end our season the best we can,”Oliva Brawley senior attacker/ defensive mid, said. 

Athletes often listen to songs as a pregame.

“My go to pre game playlist definitely varies on my mood that day. All of them are definitely upbeat and get me loose because listening to sad or slow songs before a game is just not the way to go. I definitely listen to a lot of upbeat pop before the game. Olivia Brawley always has a speaker playing in the locker room and we are all dancing and getting hyped,” Ochsner said. 

As the season goes on the team has developed many goals to finish off the season.

“Some of our goals for the upcoming games is to be more controlled as a team. This has to deal with communication, which is very important in the game, and our team needs to continue to improve on each aspect of the game. Another goal would be to complete the simple things in games like stepping to the ball, or not getting dragged out of position. Overall our goal as a team is to trust each other and win and just grow as a team and friends,” Ochsner said.