Best Buddies starts


Charli Graves, reporter

Best buddies is a program that encourages students with special needs to interact with mainstream students. 

Best Buddy meetings are a time for students to kick back and have some fun with friends. 

“We pretty much just play games and hang out with our buddies. Sometimes we have a theme, sometimes not, but we always have a lot of fun,” sophomore Molly Morris said.

The club helps members feel like they have a place at GHS. 

“I think Best Buddies is important because since the buddies’ social circle is not as expanded as yours or mine it is truly an important thing for them to be able to interact with someone who isn’t a teacher,” junior Conner Watson said

COVID has changed everything we know and meeting online may be a necessary evil this year. 

“We have to change everything. We can’t do in-person at all, and we thought about doing Zoom but that’s too hard on families. It is not ideal asking them to take time out of their evening to get on Zoom. We don’t want to burden them,” Mrs. Linda Williams, sponsor, said.

While it may be difficult, Mrs. Williams has full faith that her students can handle the situation with grace.

“I’m really excited to see how the students handle this. Mrs. Kennedy and I both agree that we can do this and we can get things done,” she said.

Since they are unable to party hard like they did last year, they are having to get very creative in finding ways to connect.

“We’re going to create connections monthly, meaning postcards, little goodie bags, things like that. We’re also going to create fun videos as teams and send them those. That way families can show the videos when they have the time,” Mrs. Williams said.

With all of the difficulties that this year has added to best buddies, students are still pumped to get started.

“I’m really excited to get to know some people that I didn’t really get the chance to talk to last year,” Morris said.