College and Career Go! Week kicks off at GHS

College and Career Go! Week kicks off at GHS

Justin Waddell, reporter


College and Career Go! Week is a great way to get involved and help better students’ academic success in the future.

Mrs. Lisa Laug is the college and career counselor at GHS. She explained what College and Career Go! Week is.

“College and Go! Week is a campaign begun by Learn More Indiana. Their goal for college go week is ‘helping students find the right college that fits their personality and interests.’ From August through November, College GO! Week gives students options to research schools and visit campuses, and then guides them through the steps of preparing and applying for college,” she said. 

Mrs. Lisa Laug gave insight on the importance of College and Career Go! Week.

“At Greenwood High School, we feel that while it is important to promote college attainment that we also understand that college is not the only path for our students. Instead of College Go! Week, we call our week College and Career Go! Week. We want the week to be about students thinking about the future – whether that future means college, an apprenticeship, military, or straight to the career field,” she said.

Mrs. Lisa Laug explained how students and faculty can get involved.

“Students can get involved by participating in the dress up days, and also taking an opportunity to access resources and opportunities that will be shared via their grade level canvas page. During this week we encourage faculty and staff to share their store about college and career. Those stories help our students expand their ideas and dreams of their future,” she said.