Boys Soccer prepares for Roncalli


Elijah Poe, Sports Editor

The boys soccer team is preparing for a tough game against the Roncalli Rebels.

“The team has been preparing doing different drill such as defense and working on passing. We also work with different match ups to see what works best to try and beat Roncalli,” sophomore, left back, Ethan Tichenor said.

This year, sophomore Luke Fiesel, center back, decided to try out for soccer. Although not playing for a while, he worked himself up to be a varsity starter.

“We have been working on a lot of scrimmaging to prepare. We have also been doing a lot of walkthroughs so we know what zones we are supposed to cover,” Fiesel said. “I think we can really put up a tough fight with Roncalli, all we can do is play as hard as we can and hopefully come out with a win.”

In the past years the team has not done great against Roncalli, this year they hope to change that notion.

Last year when we faced them we only lost by about two or three, so it wasn’t really that bad. But with a new year we are hoping to come out and put up a tough fight and hopefully come out with a win,” Tichenor said. “We mostly have been working on a lot of passing. We want to get our formations down so that we can better defend against teams.”

Returning senior David Young, striker, is anticipates a better outcome.

“Last year we honestly got killed. This year, I think the team is prepared enough to keep it close,” Young said.

The Roncalli team has always been great in the past.

“Roncalli is a really great team. Every year they have a tough team. They have a bunch of kids who travel for soccer, and they always have a really strong coaching core. This year we are just hoping to put up a tough fight,” Tichenor said.