Exciting new year for Student Council


Madison Peckinpaugh, News Editor

This year’s Student Council hopes to ignite school spirit.

“This year is very different by having the Student Council president lead the meetings, assign tasks to class presidents and have them report back to the whole group, getting local businesses around to donate or be part of the student body, getting the elementaries involved, and much more that is still in the talks,” Mrs. Iana Allen said.

Quinn Kelly, junior class president, expressed her eagerness for this year.

“I wanted to be in the Student Council because I heard that they were trying to make a stronger community, and I thought that I could really benefit from the relationships and learning points from the club. It has already helped me meet new friends, and it has expanded my knowledge of the behind the scenes of all the events that go on at the school,” Kelly said.

There are already a number of activities in the works at meetings that will make for an exciting year despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a change in the traditional routine.

“The Student Council is currently planning events for Homecoming Week and the Homecoming parade. This year will be different from last year because there will be no Homecoming dance and the powderpuff game will be in the spring semester,” freshman Hailey Peckinpaugh, class representative, said.

This year’s Council is said to be a promising group.

“I am looking forward to showing off the awesome kids we have in our group. I am beyond proud of their work ethics and just having their ideas come to life,” Mrs. Allen said. The changes of this year, between the pandemic and the new staff leaders, Student Council has had more of a buzz around the school than in recent years.

“This year will definitely be different because of COVID regulations. We will have to work around that, but we also have a lot of new leaders. Mrs. Senac and Mrs. Allen are the new staff leaders, and they are very passionate about having the best Student Council that we can, so it is great to have such supportive and helpful teachers with us,” Kelly said.