Halloween Horrors Coming to GHS

Halloween Horrors Coming to GHS

Conner Peckinpaugh, reporter

The fall play and spring musical are two of the most entertaining parts of the school year. 

When the pandemic caused school to close last March, the cast of Anything Goes was unable to complete all of their performances. Now that school has started, there are plans in place that will prevent show cancellations as much as possible.

The play that the theater program is plans to perform is Frankenstein. It is an adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic horror novel. During a powerhour meeting recently, Mr. Daniel Borns, play director, shared what he envisions for the live thriller.

“We are going to do Frankenstein, but we’re going to do it in a radio play style version of this. It’s really stinking cool. They’ve got written on there the foley artists work you can do with everything. What we’re picturing here is like a 1940s radio broadcast,” he said.

Usually, plays and musicals are performed in front of large audiences. This year, the issue is that large gatherings in a confined space are serious problems during a pandemic. 

Mr. Borns explained a solution to the problem.

“If there is something where we weren’t allowed to have audiences, we would do some sort of live streaming,” he said. “I don’t know if we’ll be wearing masks during the show, and there is a chance we will have to be wearing masks during the show. We’ve seen some people who have done performances with face shields,”

Whether or not the play will be performed in front of a live audience might not be the biggest issue, but rather actually being able to perform a show is a concern. As GHS gets further into the year, the fear of another shutdown continues to be a growing concern.

“If it ends up that no one can come into the school at all, including students, then we are probably going to put some sort of virtual production together We could film a Zoom call or something,” Mr. Borns explained.

Mrs. Amy Kendall, assistant director, explained the concept of the show.  

“The kind of idea here is that you are multiple characters. You are the character in Frankenstein, and you are also a character who is an actor, a voice actor performing,” Mrs. Kendall said. “You are a person performing, so we are not watching you, we are watching your character performing those characters. It is as if we are in a 1940s reading, and we are watching a 1940s show.” 

Not only will the play be something new and adapted for Covid-19 circumstances, it will be earlier in the year than in years past. Mr. Borns was excited to share the date of the scheduled performances.

“Instead of having our fall play performance being the second weekend of November. October 30 and 31 are a Friday and Saturday this year, so what we plan to do is a Friday night show on October 30 and then a Saturday, day of Halloween, matinee show,” Mr. Borns said. Open auditions for the play are scheduled for September 14 – 15. Monologues will be posted on the Thespian bulletin board. Whether performing or watching, Frankenstein will be a good way to celebrate Halloween.