Why Trump deserves re-election

Why Trump deserves re-election


The Presidential election is only two months away. As America takes on a pandemic, riots, and a stalled economy, this election could have one of the highest turnouts in history. But, with neither candidate viewed by most to be fit for the task of running this great country, this election could have one of the lowest turnouts. 

No matter the number of votes casted on Nov. 3rd, President Donald Trump will be reelected or former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will be elected. 

Who wins my vote? My first vote I will ever cast in a presidential election will be for Republican nominee Donald Trump. Trump, although not a perfect candidate for reelection, wins my vote due to his immigration policies, handling of the Coronavirus, and  economic development. 

Trump’s success in the 2016 election could be attributed to his immigration promises.  The focal point of his 2016 campaign was “build the wall,” something he eventually followed through on after a drawn out battle with Congress. Although not complete, Trump has completed over 200 miles of his border wall. I do not believe building the wall was an act of racism. I think it was rather an act of security, something we pay our elected officials to provide for us as taxpayers. The president has completed over 100 miles of wall of his over 500 mile goal. The wall is estimated to cost anywhere between $15-22 billion but The Center for Immigration Studies claims it is money well spent. According to the The Center for Immigration Studies, if the wall stops anywhere from 9-12% of crossings, the wall will pay for itself in 10 years. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates illegal immigration as a whole costs American taxpayers $116 billion annually. The wall is also supposed to slow human trafficking, and drug trafficking, according to the border patrol. From a tax paying and national security standpoint, Trump’s border wall is in the best interest of the American people. 

Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is another reason I support our president. I personally support the freedom he gives the people when it comes to COVID-19. He was not enforcing mask requirements or lock down mandates; he and rather left it up to the state governments. This was important as different states had different population concentrations. I think the positivity he gave in speeches was also a notable factor in how well he handled the crisis. Trump tried to lift America’s spirit to get through this when the media only incited fear.  

My third point of support for Trump is his successful policies boosting the economy. Trump has put policies in place that have only boosted economic growth. The policy I strongly support is the tariffs on China. The biggest one was a 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports. The decision was super controversial, but I believe the decision moved us one step closer towards full employment. The tariff imposed allowed U.S. companies to compete with China’s competitive pricing, allowing more American companies to produce American made goods and boosting the employment rate. 

I think we can all agree neither candidate is flawless. Although not flawless, I believe Trump has a false narrative people believe about him. Between unfortunate events outside of his control and a biased picture painted by the media, we are supposed to trust, it is easy to believe the world is falling apart under Trump. While many things are up for debate, we can not argue how unfair our current president is treated in the headlines. Time after time, the mainstream media have been exposed pushing their agendas to turn people against the president and his supporters.  

Before you vote this November, I encourage everyone to do some research. I can not force anyone to agree with my decision nor could I be angry they disagree. No matter the decision this November, all I ask is people are able to back up their decisions with facts, evidence, and reasons that they personally have spent time researching for.