Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout falls into the top

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout falls into the top

Brayton Laster, reporter

60 Players, 59 losers, one crown, and all that separates the winner from the losers is a test of skill, memory, luck, patience, and a lot of flying obstacles.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a new party game that will test the patience and luck of players. With a full game consisting of up to five rounds where multiple contestants will be eliminated each round until the final round, this is generally when there are less than 10 players remaining, with the final remaining players all trying to be the last one surviving or the first one to finish an obstacle course to win the golden crown.

The beginning rounds are all fairly easy. With an array of games that can be chosen, they are all the same concept, the player must be one of the first 40 players to cross the finish line. The first round generally consists of some basic obstacles, such as giant swinging hammers, balancing beams, tight spaces. Although by itself the obstacles are fairly easy, throw in 59 other players, and all of a sudden it becomes a lot more difficult.

Once 20 players have been eliminated, the challenges tend to get tougher, whether it be another obstacle course, a memory or puzzle game, or a team event. The process repeats itself until there are around 10 players or so remaining, and then it is a quick dash to the finish line. The final round can consist of either a short obstacle course where there is only one winner or a last one surviving game mode, which can be very challenging depending on the skill of the players involved.

When I first played the game, I was pretty impressed with the gameplay. It was a simple concept, yet it was addicting. With each round only lasting a couple minutes, there is a quick turnaround, so even when I lose, all I have to do is just quickly leave the lobby and search for a new game. Getting through the first couple of rounds can be fairly easy depending on luck. Once it gets down to only a few players is where it gets difficult. Dealing with a lot of other skilled players, especially if it is a game that heavily relies on luck, is where people struggle the most.

In the past couple of weeks, I have amassed more than 20 hours of gameplay and have yet to actually win a game. Through lots of struggle and pain, I have been able to consistently make it to the final rounds most of the time and be in contention, but it seems my Laster Luck always strikes at the worst moment as I have yet to claim a crown. It definitely takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to make it consistently to the final rounds and be in contention, but luck is a huge factor in this game, especially in the team rounds. Generally, the second or third round usually involves a team event consisting of three teams all competing. It goes about as well as a bunch of unsupervised preschoolers running around a field with absolutely no coordination whatsoever. It is safe to say I do not like the team events as it relies heavily on the team aspect of it, and it always seems my teammates are absolute garbage.

Another aspect of the game is the character customization and the visualization. The characters look like jelly beans that grew legs and arms. They can be customized with a variety of colors, patterns, and clothing is won from games or purchased with an in-game currency. All the characters and the maps are colorful, and bright.

Every other game mode is unique and fun, giving the player different challenges, and constantly changing it up makes it more entertaining for the player. Another plus for the game is there are not any hackers yet giving themselves unfair advantages, unlike every other game out there right now. I definitely recommend getting Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout to anyone big into party games or who just likes a challenge. With over 2 million sales on PC alone in the first week it has taken one of the top spots, it looks like the player base will not be dropping anytime in the near future either, ensuring that there will always be a full lobby in a matter of seconds from beginning the search.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is available for free for PlaystationPlus users. It is also available for $20 from the Steam store on PC. A mobile version has been announced as well, but it will only be released in China with a version for the U.S. to be announced shortly. An Xbox version has not been announced yet.