Girl’s Golf

Ethan Pringle, Reporter

                As the Girls golf season is teeing off, senior Maura Guilfoy starts off the season with a win at Valle Vista.

“We are very young and have a couple girls who have only been playing for a few years, but everyone has improved a lot since the season started,” she said.  “We just placed third in the county which is really exciting so we are excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.”

Team improvement is the most important factor in sports, especially when athletes rely on each other to win the game.

                “I have already seen a huge improvement since we’ve started, we all try our best even when we’ve had a long week. We all have gotten really close, and I wouldn’t want to play with any other group of girls,” junior Madison Shaffer said.      

                Heading into a new season, it is good to have a positive attitude.

                “I think our team is pretty good! We are a relatively young team, but I think we have made a lot of improvement since the start and I’m proud of what we have accomplished, “freshman Emma Baker said.

A certain course or club could change how a player feels about her game.

“I like Dye’s Walk because I have gone there since I was little and I like the 9 iron because I feel like I hit it the best and I’m most comfortable with it,” said Guilfoy.

 Baker said her favorite club was “eight iron or six hybrid because I hit the straightest with those clubs,”

Personal goals are something everyone should have in sports

Baker said“ I want to improve my score as we progress and to have fun with my teammates,”  Shaffer said. “I want to improve my swing with my driver and to show up and always try my best, and also to not let anything get in the way of how I play to always keep a positive attitude,”