Big Ten season cancellation

Big Ten season cancellation

Elijah Poe, Sports Editor

The Big Ten recently decided to close its football programs for the season with the scare of COVID-19 on the loose.

“I think the cancellation of the season is smart because of what is going on. It also sucks because players who are seniors won’t be able to play their senior year,” sophomore Dylan Pringle said.

With the scare of COVID surrounding pro and college sports, The Big Ten decided to take matters into their own hands and cancel the 2020 college football season.

“I understand the feeling of wanting to play, but at the same time without the understanding of COVID it is the smartest and safest thing to do,” sophomore Conner Watson, said.

College football is one of the biggest money makers for the Power 5 conference schools. Without that flow of money, people are concerned with how much money the schools will lose without being able to play football.

“Most schools bring in a lot of money from football games. So this year we might see schools be in a bad economic state,” Pringle said.

Athletes who play football love the sport, Woodmen football player Brayden Gardner shares his views on the cancellation.

“I really do feel bad for the players. I know it was stink if I wasn’t able to play this year because of COVID. I understand the precautions they are taking but also feel bad for the seniors who won’t get to play out their senior season,” Gardner said.

Some teams were looking to go far in the college football season. Ohio State is always a Top 5 team who looks to compete each year. Star quarterback Justin Fields from Ohio State has started a petition to let he Big Ten season resume.

“I think Justin Fields is right by starting a petition. College players are looking to make themselves known with this season. Each season is a way to promote themselves for the NFL draft; without a season, players lose that,” Pringle said.

With the cancellation of some Power 5 football seasons, the SEC (southeastern conference) still holds strong in playing football.

“I am glad the SEC is trying to play the season. It will be interesting on what they do to try to keep the players safe. I know it’ll be hard to keep all players from getting it,” Gardner said.

When football finally does resume, fans are expected to be more excited than ever to finally watch the teams they love.

“I would imagine that fans will be just as passionate if not more when the college football season finally returns,” Watson said.

Last week the Big Ten held a meeting to determine the fate of this college football season. Leaders in the committee have the ideas to maybe have the season come back the weekend of thanksgiving. At this point the Big Ten has no official start date, but with conversations on the rise, it might be a possibility in the future.