Student Section Change


Jack Titzer, reporter

                The football student section always brings a different kind of energy and electricity to the game. However with the COVID restrictions, it was unknown if there was going to be a student at all, but school spirit has prevailed, and the student section has been relocated to the back of the endzone.

                The change of the student section worried the section leaders that it would bring down the energy of the game. They were wrong.

                “I feel like it has already positively impacted the energy of the game. We were all a little scared when it was first announced, but we are all in for this and want it to happen badly so we adjusted. Also, we are super close to the players so that’s just hype,” senior Kiley Hankenhoff said.

                Hankenhoff was not the only student section leader who thought the change impacted the energy positively

                “The change was awesome. I feel like students are in our own little world, and we have a blast. From seniors to freshmen, everyone was involved, and I can not express how awesome it was being that close to the players. I think we can all agree the change should be permanent,” senior Landon Wood said.

                With the COVID restrictions and social distancing and mask mandates, there might be some bumps along the road, or it might be hard to be a student section while socially distanced,but the leaders still plan on making this student section great.

                “We plan on keeping everyone socially distanced and wearing their masks so we can continue FNL, and we honestly just make the best out of this situation. We do everything we can and we come ready with flags to celebrate,” Hankenhoff said.

                The student section was not the only thing that was relocated this year. The cheerleaders also changed where they cheered to the end zone so they could be closer to the students.

                “Cheering in front of the new student section felt good because it was a change from last year. I feel like it was way better because last year we could not really interact with them, but this year we can,” Lily Hommel, sophomore cheerleader, said.

                The change of the student section also affected the football players because the section brings the energy to the game.

                “It was a lot cooler playing in front of the new section from the old one because they are right in front of us and we can actually hear what they are saying. I feel like the energy is a new type of energy, a better one and a much more hype one. It felt so good getting the win in front of them,” Nathan Kremer, sophomore guard, said.