Boys tennis


Ashley Kremer, reporter

So far, this season the boys tennis team has a record of 6-2, with high hopes for the remainder of their matches.

            Coaches Jeremy Runge and Ben Sutton began preparing the team for their season as soon as the high school sports restrictions were lifted. 

            “As soon as they lifted the restrictions, the team immediately started conditioning and hitting. We hit practices hard as soon as we were allowed back. I am a big believer in conditioning, and I think that this year we have done more than we have in the past. So far, I think that the extra conditioning has been extremely helpful,” Coach Runge said.

            Along with conditioning at practice, players have found ways to stay in shape on their own.

            “Normally to condition I would practice hitting, but because of COVID-19 and quarantine, all of the tennis courts were closed. Instead, I got into better shape by running a lot and working out at my home,” senior Ethan Gray, No. 1 singles player, said.

            The transition from playing tennis in middle school to playing tennis in high school has pushed freshman Noah Paswater to work hard to achieve a varsity spot on this year’s team.

            “So far, this season has been a challenge for me because I have had to switch from playing singles in middle school to playing doubles in high school. I have enjoyed playing on varsity as a freshman this season,” Paswater said.

            Coach Runge said the team has a greater chance than normal of beating Center Grove, their biggest competitor. 

            “Our biggest struggle this year will definitely be playing against Center Grove. This year I think we have a good chance of beating them, especially if we play well,” he said.

            Additionally, Gray began his season by defeating his biggest rival. 

            “I am looking forward to making it even further than last year in the State tournament. I have already defeated my biggest competitor from Whiteland once this year and am determined to beat him again when I go against him later in the season,” Gray said.

            Coach Runge is looking forward to watching the JV and varsity teams grow throughout the season.

            “I like to see the growth in kids, and I have had the opportunity to coach this particular group of seniors all four years. It has been really fun to see their growth throughout high school,” he said.