Roscoe’s is Back

Roscoe's is Back

Jack Titzer, reporter

The local phenomenon has returned. Roscoes Tacos, a local business and restaurant right off Madison Ave, has reopened for business. 

 The restaurant was forced to shut down in late March because they could not handle not doing dine in service, and take out only was not enough to sustain the business when the virus hit. However, they are back and better than ever with a  remodel.

Senior Sam Rapp expressed his excitement for their return. 

“I am super excited about Roscoe’s reopening. I’ve always been a huge fan since I was little and it’s always good to see a local business continue its legacy,” Rapp said.

Rapp also talked about the tradition Roscoe’s started for him and his grandpa.

“After football games when I was younger, my grandpa would take me to Roscoes to celebrate the win or get over the loss, but win or lose, those times hold a special place in my heart and are a great memory with my grandpa,” he said.

Senior Jenna Sawyer also has Roscoe’s traditions.

“Roscoe’s return makes me super happy because in middle school my dad would take me there after practices and games or a long day of school,” she said.

Roscoe’s Tacos food offers an assortment of tacos, nachos, burritos. Junior Dylan Mayhew talked about his favorite meal there.

“My favorite meal to get at Roscoe’s is easily three soft tacos with everything on them, also the nachos supreme is very very good,” Mayhew said.

Sawyer talked about her favorites, too.

“My favorite thing to get at Roscoe’s is probably just two regular hardshell tacos with cheese. I like to keep it simple, but they are the best tacos in Greenwood.”

Roscoe’s is located at 642 S Madison Ave, and is open Sunday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.