New Smoothie King review


Gavin Folco, J1 reporter


With drive-thru lines wrapping around the store and onto the street and the lobby always full of people, it seems that Smoothie King is Greenwood’s next hit.

Smoothie King has a lot to offer when it comes to healthy and protein-packed drinks. The menu has many different options; most of which can be customized by customers if they want. The most popular smoothies are the Angel Food and Caribbean Way. Both smoothies are strawberry and banana based with different juices and powders added in. The Angel Food has more of a strawberry taste, as the Caribbean Way has more of a banana flavor.

The menu itself is interesting. On the far left, the Slim smoothies are listed. These smoothies are for people who wish to obtain a healthier diet and lose weight. The middle-left has the Fitness smoothies listed. These are for athletes or people who completed a work out and wish to build muscle and recharge their bodies. On the middle-right are the Wellness smoothies. These smoothies are for people who want to get all the nutrients their body needs in one smoothie. Finally, on the far right of the menu, the Break Time smoothies are listed. These smoothies are more of the dessert or snack type smoothies to enjoy.

A great quality of Smoothie King is their customer service. With as busy as the restaurant gets, the workers need to move fast, and they work with customers well. The managers are helpful, and the team workers work hard to make sure every customer gets their smoothie the way they want it. For example, there was a customer who did not get their smoothie they exact way they wanted it, so the team remade it to their customer’s satisfaction. They are all good workers and can help all customers at any time.

Smoothie King also has seasonal changes to their menu. For the Summer, Smoothie King offered new smoothies. The Watermelon Hydration and Peach Mango Hydration smoothies were a big hit and will most likely be back next Summer. This Fall, Smoothie King will have a Pumpkin smoothie coming out.

I believe that Smoothie King is a great addition to the city of Greenwood. When I walked into the new store, I immediately felt welcomed and appreciated. I love going here after practices and ordering smoothies that I know are healthy for me.