Girls soccer team kicks off a new season


Madison Peckinpaugh, News Editor

The girls soccer team, while starting their training slightly later than they usually do, has already proven to be pushing through and overcoming obstacles.

“We have had less opportunity to train than a normal season, but we have done some really good work so far. We have a hardworking group so we can make up for less time on the field,” Coach Joe Mushrush said.

The team is even proving to have some real strengths.

“I am very confident in our whole team’s ability to play together. Our defense knows how to back each other up and clear the ball really well, and our offense knows how to distribute the ball to open teammates and make plays efficiently,” senior Brooklee Dotson said.

This season is off to a promising start with a 3-1 win at the Lutheran scrimmage. There are even some new faces on the field.

“Holly Harden and Mallory Mahin are both starting as freshmen this year and a very key part of our team this season,” sophomore Josi Chanley said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the soccer team is not changing up routines too much.

“There are not many differences while the game is being played, but this year, since there is no unnecessary contact, we cannot celebrate after a goal is scored with high fives or hugs, and after the game, you cannot go through the lines to high five the other team and tell them good game,” Dotson said.

Coach Mushrush is confident that the recent pandemic will have little if any effect on the team.

“I think we will find out soon how games will be different. They may not be much different at all once the game begins. Kids are still going to compete. If anything changes, it would probably be more fouls called and called sooner so that players do not stay in contact for more than a few seconds,” he said.