Mask up to Pad up


Jayson Vaughn, reporter

To play this year of football we all have to follow one rule because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Mask up to Pad up” rule is in motion. Players have to wear a mask when either they have their helmets off or they are standing on the sideline. If a player is not in the game,he is expected to have the mask full on above the nose.

“Stopping the spread of this pandemic is one of the most important things in our nation at the moment. I’m just glad they are letting us have this season. We got seniors who are still hungry to play and I am too. So if I have to wear a gaiter or a mask while I play, so be it. I just want to be on that field doing what I love and knocking people over,” junior Right Guard Brayden Gardner said

The IHSAA was very on and off with this decision about wearing a mask. They once considered taking away the gaiters completely on the field because of the horse collar tackle. They worried that when tackled someone could grab a player by the gaiter and slam.

“We all have to pull up our gaiters over our head and fold it then put our helmet on. it’s not the best feeling, but it lets me play with my brothers and I appreciate this every day” junior running back/safety Owen Kendall sa

Everyone on this football team has the same goal. We just want our senior brothers to be able to have a great final season no matter what we are going through. COVID-19 has been very tragic for the football communities because, the summer time practices got cut in half and wearing the mask is just a lot for the players.

“Even through a pandemic we are still gonna play our hardest. This year is the year we can do something that has never been done in Greenwood’s football history. We can be that group that can make it all the way to state and bring that trophy home. I’ve never been more pumped and ready for a season.” senior Wide Receiver LaNard Bolden Jr