New student council sponsors


Ashley Kremer, reporter

Mrs. Iana Allen and Mrs. Stephanie Senac, the new Student Council sponsors, are ready to bring back the school spirit lost many years ago.

With the help of returning Student Council members from every grade, the council is hoping to come up with new ideas to keep students and teachers involved in school and the community.

“Mrs. Senac and I want to bring the student body together and bring back life into what is currently happening in our world. We need more good things happening right now, especially with students and teachers previously being away from school for five months,” Mrs. Allen said.

The new sponsors believe that right now is when students need the most motivation because COVID-19 unexpectedly impacted the lives of so many people.

“I became a sponsor because over the past 10 years I have noticed that school spirit has gone down and I think this will be a fresh start for students. I also think that students are looking for something to give them a purpose and to be a part of, especially because of the way our world is right now,” Mrs. Senac said.

In order to keep the school motivated, a big change to Student Council is going to be the amount of time put in by the students involved. Along with time, students are going to be expected to step up and take charge of the council.

“This is Student Council, not Mrs. Senac and I’s council. As sponsors, we want to remind students that Student Council is a way for them to have a voice in their own building. This year, Student Council will be student-led. The council will pause, think of what students and teachers did and did not like in the past, and put together activities for the whole school to enjoy. We want to get the community involved and maybe even include other schools in our district in some of our activities,” Mrs. Allen said. 

As a fourth year member of Student Council, senior class president Collin Campbell plans to do all that he can to be a leader.

“I expect to contribute more ideas and have a more influential voice. As a senior involved in a lot of school activities, I have a responsibility to my grade and to the lower classes to lead by example with tremendous school spirit. I have also had both Allen and Senac as English teachers, and I believe they will both help make Student Council the best it has been. Not only do they both love Greenwood, but they will be great sponsors for Student Council,” Campbell said.

Both Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Senac are planning on keeping Student Council involved with students and the community, even if learning is forced to become virtual.

“If we do end up going virtual, we will do whatever it takes to figure it out because we want to make sure students are still involved, are proud of their school, and have school spirit,” Mrs. Senac said.

Student Council has to be ready to change their plans and adapt to what students need the most.

“We are planning to keep Student Council up and running, even if the school goes virtual. Learning at home is when students need to feel like they are a part of something bigger outside of their computer screens,” Mrs. Allen said.